China to Singapore Shipping


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Pay for the quantity in accordance to what is agreed on the shipping price.

For enquiry, please email or Whatsapp / SMS +65 9348 9289

Air Freight

First kg 12 SGD
Subsequent kg (Normal Goods) 6 SGD
Subsequent kg (Sensitive Goods) 8.50 SGD


Sea Freight (Need to pay additional 7% GST to Singapore Government)

Volume 0.3 CBM 0.4 CBM 0.5 CBM 0.6 CBM 0.7 CBM 0.8 CBM 0.9 CBM 1.0 CBM
Normal Goods 64 SGD 69 SGD 74 SGD 79 SGD 84 SGD 89 SGD 94 SGD 99 SGD
Sensitive Goods 94 SGD 99 SGD 104 SGD 109 SGD 114 SGD 119 SGD 124 SGD 129 SGD

Crating: Enquire with us
Please prepare a list for your items to be sea-shipped, their quantities and total value.

Sensitive items include things like: paint, food products, skincare, etc.
Parcels have to be sent to our warehouse in Guangzhou.


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