Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
1. Long thin frame saves space.
2. Cordless machine allows more flexibility and mobility.
3. Say goodbye to the endless plugging and unplugging of power plugs.
4. Improved technology to effectively clean your house effortlessly.
5. Lightweight main frame makes cleaning less tiring.

Cordless vacuum cleaner models

Vacuum cleaner accessories for different situationsNo more wires for vacuum cleaners. More freedom

No more wires. No more plugging and unplugging. Be free

Powerful suction force to remove impurities, mites and dust easily.Easy to access control panelLightweight main frame makes work less tiring.Flexibility to grant user more mobilityExplanation of the different components of the cordless vacuum cleanerEnvironment friendly materials. Washable and reusable.Step by step instructions for removing the roller brush.Detailed product specification of the cordless vacuum cleaner.


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