4-in-1 Thumbdrive with USB, Micro-USB (Android), Lightning (Apple) and Type-C Ports


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4-in-1 Thumbdrive
USB, Micro-USB (Android), Lightning (Apple), Type-C Ports

All products look just like in the pictures (grey).

On-the-Go (OTG) 4-in-1 Thumbdrive for all your devices with these 4 major ports.
Can be used on PC, laptop, tablets, phones – essentially most of the devices we use nowadays.
Easy transfer and storage of files any time, any where, across a wide range of device.
Carry your music with you, share photos, work documents, movies, backup your files.
Cheap, more functions than retail stores. Pocket size – Portable, convenient, lightweight.

4-in-1 thumbdrives with 4 ports to fit different devicesmechanics of the 4-in-1 thumbdriveUSB port opens up to show more portsDifferent ports on each end


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